Open Community of Developers (OCD)

Welcome to Open Community of Developers!

OCD is a community driven organization which assists next generation leaders and communities to grow in India 🇮🇳


Things you need to know about OCD

$0/month (free)
What you will get 👇
  • Info about Technical Events throughout Delhi NCR
  • Networking with Professionals
  • Volunteering Opportunities in Partnered Events
  • Outreach and Community Partnership
Feature 01

How does Open Community of Developers help Community Event organizers?

We’ve got a team of seasoned community event organizers. Depending upon the assistance required, we can work with the local community, and provide them with complete support from planning, and organizing to running the event.

Feature 03

What are the charges like for all these services?

It’s all free. We earn via corporate sponsorships, which we bring for your events.

Feature 02

What kind of Services, Open Community of Developers provides to the Event organizers?

We have tons of services. Community Collaboration is one of them. Where we work with the organizers from planning and organizing to running the event.

Outreach Partnership is also there. Via our network of regular participants, we can provide you with the outreach of your event. We also have onsite support for the event.

Still not convinced on joining OCD?